This is a HOT topic and it seems like everyone has their opinion on it. I think mothers should absolutely be able to feed their babies wherever they want without being "shunned" or forced into a dirty bathroom by shame even though Breastfeeding in public is legal and protected by federal and state law in all 50 states.

While many places have gotten "better" about offering a dedicated space for nursing rooms, there have been many who meet the bare minimum saying a bathroom should be good enough. Recently, on October 5, the President signed the five-year reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which included language that requires airports to provide lactation rooms that are accessible to the public. A study done on 100 airports in 2014 showed 62% said they were "breastfeeding friendly" but only 8% met the minimum requirements. WOW!

While this specific law is only applicable to large and medium-sized airports, RST is already ahead of the curve as a small airport providing this luxury to not only moms but medical patients.

I reached out to RST and they shared this. "We have 3 'Quiet Rooms'. They can be used by passengers as a private area for lactation needs or for patient travelers. There is one on the public side of the airport lobby and two post security for passengers waiting to board. They each have either a bed or recliner and a private restroom attached. These rooms are available just by asking an airline or TSA employee for access."

I LOVE seeing that our visitors are being taken care of so well!

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