One Direction may have broken into the music scene with their catchy bubblegum pop, but they're making a decided departure from the typical boy band sound and moving on to something more "edgy."

When the British-Irish band sat down with Carson Daly for 'TODAY,' Niall explained that their upcoming fourth studio album is a tad different than the likes of some of their previous LPs. "I think it's gonna be a little bit more edgy," he shared, "but obviously we feel like we've got some really good songs and we're happy."

Liam added, "We've all taken a hand in the writing this time, and we've literally written almost every song."

Considering 1D broke off a bit from pure pop with their third album 'Midnight Memories,' it makes sense that the guys want to continue in that direction (pun only slightly intended) and have their sound mature as they do.

Understandably, the lads are still having a hard time coming to terms with their international success, that they even get to release a fourth album and play in huge stadiums on their Where We Are Tour.

"We have moments, especially on this tour, I've noticed," Niall said, "when [we] step out to these amazing stadiums and we end up spending the first twenty minutes just standing and looking at each other going, 'Wow, look where we are.' It's just unbelievable."

We're willing to bet the pandemonium will become even more unbelievable after this next album is released!

Check out One Direction's full interview on 'TODAY' above!

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