Oprah has released her annual list of the items she has loved the most over the past year. It's her Favorite Things list for 2021 and on her list (again) this year is a product from a Minnesota company!

The company Softies has made Oprah's list before. They first made her list five years ago and have stayed ever since. And now I really want some.

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Softies are just what you'd imagine, super-soft PJs and loungewear. The company began in 2006. The owner, Dennis Murphy, had worked "in women's clothing sales and manufacturing" for 40 years, according to the 'About Us' section of the Softies website. Then in 2006 he and his designer Lily decided to start their own women's clothing line, and now we have Softies. Their warehouse is still in Minnesota to this day.

It's not the cheapest clothing ever (which isn't super surprising, Oprah's list of Favorite Things is usually pricey) but man do I want some now. They look so soft! The specific item that made Oprah's list this year is the Dream Jersey Lounge Sets which retail for $109.

There's a total of 110 items on Oprah's Favorite Things list for 2021, so if you need gift ideas, it's not a bad place to start. Yes, most of it is out of many people's price range but it can give you ideas and you'll most likely be able to find cheaper options elsewhere. That's my hot tip for this holiday season!

Now that we've covered great gift ideas, what about terrible ones? If you're invited to participate in a Secret Santa gift exchange, don't get these gifts!

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