We're only a week away from Thanksgiving, and many minds are already beginning to focus on the day and all the delicious food that will be served. It seems like the perfect time to discuss what foods we most like to see on our tables Thanksgiving Day.

I conducted a very formal and scientific poll. (Okay, so actually I asked a bunch of people who work here at the station) to share with me their favorite and least-favorite foods on Thanksgiving.)

Check out our photo gallery above to see our top five! There weren't any real surprises, but a few people had some interesting things to say as to why they chose them!

Some of the least favorites might surprise you, and the strange things some people associated with Thanksgiving might, as well.

Here are the "not so hot" three dishes that people would rather not have on their table.

1. Beets - Pickled or fresh, this blood-red mess of a vegetable could be banished from Turkey Day for a number of people in the office.

2. Green Bean Casserole - You know this one. It's main ingredient is green beans, slathered in some kind of cream soup and often topped with those crunchy onion things. It wasn't on the top of anyone's list of "must-haves" and, instead made the "don't want it" list.

3. The Cranberry Jelly/Sauce Roll Thing - Yep, the cranberry stuff in the can. The one that's more high fructose corn syrup than cranberry. You've got to love the way it slides out of the can without losing its shape! But that's about all people around here loved about it!

As for some of the more unique food items that were mentioned, those included: lefse, cheesecake, pickled herring and cranberry steamed pudding!

However you celebrate and whatever you eat on Thanksgiving, we wish you all a happy holiday!

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