A mom posted a photo to an Australian mother's group page on Facebook as it allegedly came from a salon and describes a $10 increase in price for any kids who cry.

Full disclosure: I've never watched any child, let alone my own kid get their hair cut... yet. My daughter was born with a healthy scalp of hair and she's due for a trip to the salon very soon.

But commenters rightfully wondered why the salon would even offer kids haircuts in the first place, while others said they'd refuse to go there themselves if they saw signs such as this one:

Credit: dailymailonline
Credit: dailymailonline

I mean, I get it. Nobody wants a kid fidgeting and screaming in your ear while you're trying to use sharp objects to make them look nicer. If they were to slip and accidentally cut them, you can be sued even though they ran into your scissors.

But this extra charge is honestly silly. No parent in their right mind is going to go to your place of business if you charge extra to spruce up their kids hairstyle.

I don't care if my best friend is cutting their hair and I trust them over anybody else, I'm not gonna pay extra for it. End of story.

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