Just months ago, a decision was made to terminate a popular high school teacher, Scott Kromminga, after an incident in which he allegedly used a curse word in class. That decision was overturned last night. Here are the details... 

Even after a petition was signed by more than 1,000 former students, the School Board made the decision in December to terminate Kromminga.

On Monday night, the school board voted six to one in favor of rescinding the teacher's termination. Instead, he is now serving a 30-day unpaid suspension, according to KTTC-TV.

KTTC-TV also says Superintendent Bill Ihrke read a letter written by Kromminga at last night's meeting:

"Dear members of the P-E-M School Board,

I'm writing this letter today to let you know that these last months have been some of my worst in my life. I used language and behaved in such a way that I am ashamed. It violated the directive which I had been given from a previous incident, and I am sorry for that.

In addition, when questioned about my conduct, I was not forthright with school administration and did not take full responsibility for my actions.

Since December, I have taken many steps and made many changes that affect my life both personally and professionally. Those words or actions will not be something that I will let into my classroom or life ever again."


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