KROC-AM (Rochester) - Another scam in Southeast Minnesota? A member of People’s Energy Cooperative (PEC) was the target of a phone scam today threatening disconnection if they did not pay within one hour.

The scammer claimed to be from the Oronoco-based Cooperative and stating the member was past due on their account and that their meter was programmed to disconnect in one hour if payment was not received. The member said they were out of town, and the caller responded that they could buy two prepaid cards in the amount of $499 and $500 after the caller asked for a zip code of their location. The caller than said to call the number back with the routing numbers. The member recognized that this was a scam and contacted PEC and the authorities.

RPU and other utility companies have had reports of a similar scam.

PEC reminded its members that if they do receive a call from someone claiming to represent a utility company, and the caller is asking for immediate payment or any form of personal ID, the member should hang up immediately and contact the customer service number on your bill. It is also important to know that that PEC only ask for information to identify who the member is, and never for direct payment.

If you have any questions about your bill or receive a call like this, you can contact PEC directly at 507-367-7000.

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