They claimed she was wanted for drug trafficking.

We've all probably been on the receiving end of a scam call, whether or not we realized it.

In fact, SE Minnesota residents have been warned about several different phone scams circulating around the area lately.

It's refreshing to see scammers get scammed, themselves, though, at least to some degree. A recent video gone viral is fully satisfying -- and entertaining -- to watch.

In the video, "Miss Stephens" -- a captain with the Apex Police Force in Apex, NC -- is on the phone with "officer John Black from Social Security Administration" who claims she's been found guilty of opening 25 different bank accounts used to launder money and traffic drugs. He claims that a sheriff's deputy is going to arrest her in the next 45 minutes if she does not comply with his demands. She doesn't.

"So, in forty-five minutes a sheriff's deputy is going to show up and arrest me for drug trafficking?" she asks, stringing the scammer along.

"Absolutely," he replies.

The scene cuts, jumping forward in the call to find that Captain Stephens has been forwarded to another officer with the Social Security Administration "Jason Brown," with whom she continues playing hard-to-get.

"I would like to know what the allegations are against me and what you're going to take out a warrant for," she asks again.

"Right now there are two criminal charges against you," he replies. "Number one -- drug trafficking. And number two -- money laundering."

Stephens laughs before responding, "Well that's better than the twenty-five [allegations] the first guy told me were out against me."

There's a long pause as "Officer Brown" realizes he's been outed, and he hangs up.

"Don't ever give out your information," Captain Stephens concludes. "Don't ever verify information even if they have it. Just hang up on them or have a little fun."

Watch the video for yourself below!

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