Thanksgiving is next week so the most important question to answer is, which is better: canned or homemade cranberry sauce? I predict this discussion will get fairly heated. Cranberry sauce over turkey has to be just right. Not too syrupy and not too gelatin.

Thanksgiving dinner was a big deal in our household when I was a kid. You name it, we'd have it on the table: turkey, ham, green beans casserole, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheesy potatoes, salad, cornbread, pumpkin and pecan pie - the list goes on. The array of food on the table was remarkable. My grandparents always went all out but the one thing my grandmother cut corners on was the cranberry sauce for the turkey. She'd opened up a can of it and dumped it in a bowl as if it was her signal that she was done cooking.

I did some sleuthing (ok, I googled) on how canned cranberry sauce originated. It looks like Marcus L. Urann, a lawyer, made the first canned cranberry sauce in 1941. We can thank Mr. Urann for all this deliciousness we have consumed for 75 years!

If you haven't guessed, even though my grandmother cut corners on this, I love the canned cranberry sauce. It's the perfect texture to place on a piece of turkey. YUM!

Now you get to sound off, which one do you prefer? Canned or homemade? Vote at the poll below.

(And if you have a great homemade recipe, please send me an email! Would love to try it!)

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