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The Apple Cider Mini Donut Truck, run by North Star Donuts, was here in Rochester, Minnesota just a few months ago, in February, but now they're coming back! This Saturday they'll be in town.

I'm super excited for their return because I was not able to snag any delicious donuts the last time they were here. Hopefully, I'll be a little more lucky this time!

If you're not familiar with the Apple Cider Mini Donut Truck, they sell freshly made apple cider mini donuts by the dozen. It also looks like they'll be selling lemonade slushies. Yum! That sounds perfect for the warm weather we've been having.

The Apple Cider Mini Donut Truck will be outside of Hy-Vee at 1315 6th St. NW in Rochester. The hours that they'll be there are 10 AM - 2 PM. Below you can check out the prices for the donuts, which I got from their Facebook event:

Dozen - $8
2 Dozen - $15
3 Dozen - $20

Hopefully, the weather cooperates with them this weekend. Right now it says there could be some light rain on Saturday, but I get the feeling that won't stop people from going out to enjoy some delicious, fresh apple cider mini donuts.

Ya know what, you could buy SO MANY donuts with $10,000! Let's see if you buy the 3 dozen option, with $10,000 you could buy... 1,500 dozen donuts! Which is... 18,000 donuts! Ok, I don't think anyone is buying that many donuts, but you could actually win $10,000! Tap HERE to find out how.

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