Civil Rights advocates reached out to state officials in Minnesota asking for the release of prisoners who are at high risk of contracting the Coronavirus. Paul Schnell who is The Minnesota Department of Corrections Commissioner says the release of some state prisoners could start as early as next week.

According to WDIO Schnell spoke on Minnesota Public Radio saying that releasing some prisoners early is the best way to create more space in the prisons, but also the safety of the public will be the biggest factor in deciding to release inmates early.

Schnell went on to say “So that we don’t have massive spread and so that we don’t ultimately have to bring people out of the prisons into the community health system that itself may become overburdened as this goes forward.”

Certain factors will disqualify the release of some prisoners under state law, including those that are court ordered for in-custody treatment, have out-of-state warrants, and also are part of the sex offender programming.

Some of the prisoners who could be released early have nonviolent offenses, are a low risk to public safety, and are scheduled to be released within the next 90 days.




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