The answer to the question in the title is... DJ Trivia!

DJ Trivia is a national company with more than 400 bars and restaurants playing DJ Trivia weekly around the country. And it is constantly growing!

It's designed to increase business in your favorite restaurants and bars during times that would otherwise be slow. Like Sunday through Thursday evenings, for instance, after the regular dinner crowds are long gone.

They also run leagues that go 20 weeks, followed by a tournament for the top teams at local bars within our area. They're also working on a national tournament, as well.

Jason Crouch, who goes by DJ Slim, recently became an affiliate for DJ Trivia and is bringing the franchise to Rochester and the surrounding area.

"I first heard of DJ Trivia on a webcast known for great content for all DJ's, and I don't think the franchise is as well known as they would like to be," Crouch says.

"After viewing a live chat between John (DJNTV) and Dave Wyatt (Owner of DJ Trivia) I called, emailed and messaged Dave to see if I could work something out to bring DJ Trivia to Southeast Minnesota. After a couple months of back and forth I went out to Phoenix and did the training and got all my ducks in a row. Now I'm out contacting establishments in both Olmsted and Fillmore counties."

Crouch says there are other affiliates south of the Twin Cities, as well as in St. Cloud and even Duluth, which has 20-plus bars associated with DJ Trivia.

Stay tuned to see where DJ Trivia might pop up in our area!


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