One high school in the cities is raving about this new "big kid recess", and why it's so great for their students. Do you think it would work at Rochester schools? 

Centennial High School is doing what they call LEAP hour- Lunch, Energize, Achieve, Participate. According to KARE 11, students are allowed to hit the gym, do homework or just relax. The principal tells KARE  "we're finding attendance is increasing, behaviors- misbehaviors are decreasing and students are more academically successful."

I personally think this is a great idea! I remember being overwhelmed in high school. Wake up, go to school, go to practice/games, eat, go to bed and repeat. There was no down time, there was no time to relax or just hang out with my family. Having the opportunity to "rest your brain" DURING school would be like a mini vacation.

The Centennial high school principal says that 10 schools in their area have toured Centennial to see how the LEAP hour works. To hear more about stress in schools, and to see how LEAP hour works, check out KARE 11's report here. 

What do you think?

Would you like to see Rochester do something like this?


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