This had to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen at a high school football game.

Some of the more venomous rivals in sports include Ohio State-Michigan. Duke-North Carolina, and Yankees-Red Sox.

Around here? Cross-town rivals John Marshall and Mayo high school have an obvious ‘dislike’ for one another, that much we know. But nobody could have known their rivalry went this deep off the gridiron as well…

Two years ago on a cool October evening, the two schools first fought it out on the football field, with Mayo besting JM 21-13 that night… but it’s what happened after the game that got everyone’s attention!

Like something out of the movie Drumline, both Mayo and John Marshall’s drum lines decided to have their own battle to see who had the sickest rolls in town!

So I know the game is tonight and it might be totally last minute... but I would LOVE to see these two programs go at it again. Considering it's Parent/Senior Night, I'm sure your folks would get a kick out of this as well.

Please! Let's make this happen!

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