If you haven't seen Garage Rehab yet, allow me to add to the list of reasons why you should.

In case you missed it, Discovery unleashed Garage Rehab on us recently. If you don't know what the show is, Discovery explains,

Richard Rawlings is the owner of several successful businesses including Gas Monkey Garage a world-renowned hot rod shop and Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. Now, he’s ready to help other business owners find that same success. So, he’s traveling the country in search of struggling automotive and motorcycle shops that are desperate for cash and on the brink of failure."

It's such a cool concept. The really has a neighborly quality about it. Well, a "neighborly quality" if your neighbor happens to be an expert on hot rods.

Garage Rehab via Facebook
Garage Rehab via Facebook

One of Rochester's own is now represented in the show.

Local rockers Light45 just announced that their music is featured in the show in two episodes. It seems that the creators took a special liking to their tune "Steeped" and included it in the show!

How cool is that!? Be sure to catch some hometown boys online if you missed it!

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