There's a popular chain restaurant offering 'tips' to customers just for ordering carryout instead of delivery at their restaurants. It's a popular pizza place... Domino's is the one offering this! They're really offering $3 'tips' to customers, including here in Rochester, Minnesota. Here's how it works and why they're doing it.

The reason I keep putting 'tips' in quotes is because they don't hand you a free $3, what it is, is a $3 discount on your order the following week. Still, according to Domino's you can combine this $3 'tip' with other carryout discounts so you could actually get a really good deal on a pizza.

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Their 'Carryout Tips' initiative is only going for a limited time, now through May 22nd. But why has Domino's decided to do this? In their press release, they say "every great delivery driver deserves a tip. Thousands of carryout customers serve as their own delivery drivers each day, and now, Domino's is tipping them."

Domino's executive president and chief marketing officer, Art D'Elia, says "It takes skill to get pizza from a Domino's store to your door ... As a reward, Domino's is giving a $3 tip to online carryout customers who take the time and energy out of their day to act as their own delivery drivers. After all, we think they deserve it."

While that's nice and all, I've seen from sources like The Guardian, that Domino's is offering this 'tip' because of a shortage of delivery drivers and they want to incentivize people to pick up their food. While Domino's doesn't explicitly say that in the press release I'm reading, that makes total sense to me. I mean, the last time I ordered from Domino's it said for delivery it would take close to an hour but if I picked it up myself it was only 20 minutes.

So if you're a Domino's fan, take advantage of this $3 'tip' Domino's is offering. Also, if you're a big pizza fan in general, keep scrolling to take a look at this Airbnb on a pizza farm!

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