New year, new you right? Less than 10% of people actually keep their resolution for the whole year. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of how I can keep my resolution for the next 30 years. 

As I near my 30s, I feel like saving and investing is more important than ever. I find myself saying, "I'll do it later, and I can't afford to do it now!"

The other day I stumbled upon a video of Shark Tank investor Kevin O'Leary. In the video he talked about how silly it is to pay someone for coffee, that it's the biggest waste of money. This hit home with me, seeing as buying fancy coffee drinks is something I do far too often. Plus, for me, when I go to a coffee shop, I always buy something to go with my coffee. Each trip is costing me more than $5, which adds up so fast.

He also talked about impulse buying - guilty, guilty, guilty! Do I really need a new top or dress because I'm going to an event? Do I really need it?? The amount of clothing I have in my closet is mind blowing. And the amount that I actually wear is even worse.

Anyway, I haven't stopped thinking about what he said! I have been watching all his videos, and soaking it all in. That is why spending less, investing and saving more is MY New Year's Resolution. Wish me luck!

O'Leary has so many great videos out there, but here's one of my favorites where he talks credit cards and investing:

What is your New Years Resolution?

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