A local Rochester woman received a touching surprise. Sherri Halleland had no idea her friend Cindy Williamson nominated her for the Agents of Hope program by Handy Andy Real Estate Experts. Here's the background on the Handy Andy ask for nominations.

As you can imagine, the shock when strangers came to her front door to surprise her with a cash award from the Agents of Hope brought tears of relief. Here's Sherri's reaction to this amazing surprise!

The journey has not always been easy. Sherri shared more about her #ONEderful experience and added some words of wisdom.

On August 10th 2016 I was at my heaviest weight and it a very very low point and I realized that I had to do something to turn my health around. I was experiencing some scary symptoms that I was keeping a secret and I realized it was now or never. I decided that the first step I would take would be to improve my gut health. I did this by using amazing products made by Plexus in conjunction with a gluten and sugar Elimination Diet. Next I started a 10-week fitness program at a kickboxing gym called Farrell's eXtreme body-shaping, which incorporates cardio, strength training, nutrition, accountability and Community. It was exactly what I needed! Eventually, small steps have led to staggering results. My advice to anyone who is starting the journey is simply to not stop. Keep going! Also you cannot out train a bad diet so nutrition is key. Find an activity that works well for you and just do your thing!

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