Some girls get flowers, I got this... 

One thing I've always really loved about my husband is how spontaneous and loving he is. Chivalry is NOT dead ladies! He loves to shower me with gifts, and I love to get gifts. I would say we are the perfect match! ;)

Back story:

I live so close to work, and hate having to start up my car to drive a mile, maybe two. For awhile, I would ride my bike to work, but that requires me to get up earlier and bring a change of clothes and it just got old fast. The hubby always told me I would look cute on a moped. I thought he was kidding...  He was not.

Samms bike

This man knows me so well, it's scary. He comes home, and asks me to help bring in a giant box, telling me it must be something I ordered on Amazon (and I don't even question it, because I have a legit problem). When I go outside instead of a box, I see this beautiful red scooter! I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm still shocked honestly.

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