This past week we've seen three incidents of women being attacked and grabbed by a man. Two of the reports involved teens. Some of the attack involved the man punching the women in the face. It's time to drop the Minnesota Nice, ladies and bust out some safety measures. Now is a good time as any to get familiar with self defense or brush up on your skills. I have taken a class before in Rochester and it was very informative.

Here's some good pointers to get you started:

1. Walk with head high and aware of your surroundings. Take one ear bud out if you're running and listening to music.

2. Listen to your gut. If someone looks shady, they just might be shady. You don't have to engage. Look them in the eye fiercely and keep it moving. If you feel you are being followed, go inside a store or a public place with people.

3. Have a strategy in place. Below is a video in case an encounter occurs. Watch it a few times and get the moves down so you know how to drop someone if you need to.

4. In every instance that was reported in Rochester, each woman fought back and ran.That's exactly what needs to happen. Don't be Minnesota Nice if someone is harming you. It's perfectly okay to give them a high five to the face with your elbow and book it out of there.

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