Another semi struck the railroad bridge over Seventh Street Northwest in Faribault today.

I live on the street and use it going to and from work each day, and it seems a couple of times a year the bridge wins its battle with semis.

This one had double trailers, and the picture below shows much of the first trailer had it's top sheared off. It looks like some tin shears were taken to it.

Semi following bridge mishap in Faribault. picture by Gordy Kosfeld

In an effort to stop this from happening, a couple of years ago the Faribault Public Works Department placed flashing signs to alert people coming down Seventh Street that the bridge is just 12 feet high.

Another picture below is across the street from my home and bright yellow lights flash from the sign in an attempt to draw the attention of drivers unaware of what might be ahead.

Flashing sign in Faribault indicating low clearance bridge is ahead. This is over two blocks from the bridge and there are flashing lights at the bridge also. photo by Gordy Kosfeld

It apparently hasn't helped, and some of my neighbors aren't real happy with the lights blinking in their windows at night. Thank heavens I live far enough west of the sign across the street so I don't have that issue, but I can see it being a bit of a nuisance.

What else can the city do to alert unsuspecting motorists with tall vehicles that Seventh Street Northwest can't be used by them?

I honestly don't know how you can't notice the flashing yellow signs that tell you the height of the upcoming bridge. There's another blinking sign right before the bridge.

Do you have any suggestions?

Maybe a talking and blinking sign would work.

While the lights are flashing, a recording could say, "beware low clearance ahead" at the first sign and then at the bridge a recording could state, "if vehicle is over 12 feet stop now."

How do you think the neighborhood would like that playing over and over all day and night?