It's a sensitive subject, especially to anyone who's ever been busted by an officer doing it.

While some people would consider this "technique" entrapment, it's actually not.

Entrapment would be more like provoking someone to break the law. Such as challenging someone to drag race who otherwise would not have decided to race on his own. Nobody dared you to go 75 in a 55 mph speed limit, therefore you broke the law.

I bring this up because about 30 drivers in Pennsylvania who zipped by a construction worker while over the speed limit got a rude surprise less than a mile down the road.

According to TribLIVE, that construction worker was actually a state trooper in disguise, and he then radioed ahead for the speeders to be pulled over.

Troopers teamed up with the state's transportation department on the ruse, in which a trooper dressed up as a construction worker and sat in a PennDOT truck with a radar gun on busy Route 66.

My thoughts? If your doing something you shouldn't be doing like speeding then don't get mad when you get pulled over. End of story.

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