The goal? With less international shipped shrimp it would create more local jobs, and we would know where are food is coming from. Plus, one lawmaker wants to reward you for raising shrimp in Minnesota. Here are the details... 

A bill written by Minnesota Rep. Chris Swedzinski would provide short-term tax incentives for entrepreneurs who want to jump into the shrimp farming business, according to a story from WCCO.

This is so interesting. We obviously aren't talking about raising shrimp in our lakes. They are talking giant hatcheries.

He tells WCCO that currently the majority of the shrimp Americans eat comes from Asia. “We could produce the world’s best tasting shrimp and, at the same time, create hundreds or even thousands of jobs by developing whole new agricultural market.”

Apparently there are shrimp farms in the Midwest already, including in Iowa and Illinois.

Where would the farms be? Tru Shrimp is looking at Marshall and Luverne as the potential locations for the business’ first commercial shrimp harbor, according to a post on the news website Inforum. 

I'm torn on this. While I love the idea of knowing where my food is coming from, I wonder how tasty farm-produced shrimp can really be? I've probably eaten farm-raise shrimp before and not even known it! What are your thoughts?

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