Obadiah "Skolbadiah" Gamble made an appearance at Xcel Energy Center on Sunday, and he did not disappoint the home crowd!

This summer, the purple faithful fell in love with a 7-year old Vikings fan named Obadiah Gamble when he wrote a song to his favorite football player on the team (quarterback Teddy Bridgewater) and asked him to come to his birthday party.

Turns out Teddy heard him loud and clear, as he ended up making it to the party afterall.

Well it's been a few months since we last heard from young Obadiah, but that doesn't mean he's out of the limelight quite yet. In fact, yesterday he had the opportunity to welcome fans to Xcel Energy Center and say those three magic words that's used to pump up the home crowd before the puck drops:


During the second period Gamble was interviewed by Kevin Gorg of Fox Sports North and of course he compared the experience of “Let’s Play Hockey” to meeting Bridgewater. Also, just as the interview was wrapping up, Nino Niederrieter scored and the kid went absolutely bonkers!

Check it out:


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