Depending on who you ask, I was extremely lucky on Saturday. Although, I didn't feel that way.

It happened as both myself and the entire 106.9 KROC team were all lined up and waiting for our cue to begin our drive through the Rochesterfest parade.

As we stood there, we had to battle Mother Nature as it would go from sunny and beautiful to rainy, cold and windy in a matter of minutes.

During the first round of showers, I lent my umbrella to my wife and daughter and said I would just wait it out because the radar said it wouldn't last very long, and it didn't.

But as I was standing next to our new station vehicle, I suddenly felt a hard slap on my baseball cap and left shoulder... to which I immediately thought it was beginning to hail because I'd heard it could happen.


As everyone could clearly see, a bird (or pterodactyl, I didn't really get a good look at it) had relieved himself on me. Much to everyone's delight, I stood there in disbelief while trying to process what had happened.

Thankfully, Danielle Teal captured the moment on camera and posted it to social media. So far it's been 'liked' over 100x's:

As you can see, this made my wife's whole day... Hopefully this is the first and last time I ever get shat on by a bird!

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