Have you ever thrown a party where one person just doesn't know when to leave? It's the end of the night, everyone has left, and you're cleaning up, but that one friend doesn't get the hint so he cracks another beer?!? Seriously, leave! That's how I feel about winter right now.

This is getting ridiculous...The workweek starts off OK with high temps expected to be around 60 on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday will be cool and wet.  As of right now, the forecast is calling for a high of 45 on Wednesday with rain likely, but we could see some snow showers late Wednesday into Thursday morning.

The weather team at ABC 6 News says one forecast model is showing snow late Wednesday night into Thursday morning: " If we do see snow, the best chance will be overnight into Thursday and any accumulating snow will melt so quickly that come Thursday you might not even see snow."






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