A local couple is warning others about an online scam that led to the loss of thousands of dollars. Here are the details. 

The couple is from Ellendale, and wishes to stay anonymous. They did want to get the word out, though.

According to ABC 6, the couple thought they were buying a camper for $2,500, instead the money was stolen and they won't get a thing in return.

The scammer, who goes by the name Leslie Horton online, posted the camper on Craigslist. The victims said it seemed legit, and Horton asked that the payment be sent via eBay. Horton sent what looked like an eBay site, and told the family to buy $2,500 in eBay gift cards for the payment.

"She sent us fake information, fake confirmation number and a fake phone number," the victim told KAAL. 

A few days later, when the couple saw the same post on Craigslist, they knew they had been scammed. They spoke with eBay Customer Service who had no record of the transaction.

Horton is listed on ScamALot.com, a website aimed at exposing scammers. According to the website, Horton has done the same scam to others across the country.

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