A video of a man screaming bloody murder after a curious squirrel crashed his Zoom call has gone viral.

While a surprise visit from a squirrel would certainly cause chaos for anyone, it's the man's over-the-top reaction that has the internet going nuts — pun intended.

In the viral 29-second TikTok, the man casually chats with co-workers over a company work call. Suddenly, there's an off-camera thud, and the man appears startled.

What happens next was not on our bingo card.

A squirrel dashes into frame and frantically races around the man's home office.

Terrified, the man begins screaming before he grabs a conveniently placed baseball bat.

Swinging the bat toward the squirrel, the man leaps onto his desk. Although difficult to make out, it appears like he repeatedly shouts, "It's back! It's back!"

Watch the hilarious encounter, viewed 2.1 million times already, below:

The man clearly has a healthy fear of furry, woodland creatures. However, this isn't the only time the wily squirrel has tormented him at home.

In another clip, the man unleashes a flurry of Mariah Carey-style high-pitched shrieks when he encounters the critter while walking up to his front door.

Watch below:

Surely his co-workers will never let him live these embarrassing, but totally hilarious, moments down. As for the squirrel, we have a feeling he'll be back.

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