The American Academy of Pediatrics now says you should not give fruit juice to your baby.

Fruit juice is FULL of sugar and can cause tooth decay. Surprised? Compare labels on fruit juices with labels on soft drinks.The juice typically has as much if not more sugar.

The new report says fruit juice offers no nutritional benefits to babies that are younger than one-year-old. 100% fruit juices can be a healthy part a diet for children older than one, but "fruit drinks" offer no nutritional benefit.


  1. Juice should not be given to infants under the age of one.

  2. Toddlers should not be given juice in sippy-cups or bottles where it is easily consumed. They shouldn't be allowed to consume juice throughout the day. And should never get juice at bedtime.

  3. Children and adults for that matter should eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juice.


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