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I found another victorian gem, though this time the price is not under $200,000. But that makes sense since it's just two blocks from Lake Pepin, in Lake City (just 45 miles Northeast of Rochester, Minnesota).

Imagine being close enough to the lake to hear the water as you wake up and look out the window in the early morning. You crack the window a bit so you can hear the world waking up.

Listing courtesy of Lakeshore Real Estate Krage & Associates, LLC..

Maybe it's a cool morning, so you've started a fire in the fireplace, and the whole home is toasty as you sit in a chair by the big bay window, practicing some peace and quiet before another busy day starts.

Listing courtesy of Lakeshore Real Estate Krage & Associates, LLC..

What do you get for $399,900? Let's take a look at the property description...

4 BD 3 BA Victorian home. This home has been tastefully updated with modern amenities while preserving the original woodwork and traditional Victorian style.

The main floor features a foyer with a decorative fireplace and reading nook for kids, a living room, and a formal dining room, all of which are tied together with warm maple floors.

Kids reading nook! There are three words you don't see often enough (at least not together).

You can see the kitchen for yourself, a mudroom off the kitchen leads to the garage (and it's a proper size mudroom, so you can actually de-mud). No central air, each room has its own climate control (plus gas water heat...notice all the radiators).

The yard is HUGE and includes a fire pit area, a bunch of mature trees (they're so well behaved), and a carriage house, too.

Listing courtesy of Lakeshore Real Estate Krage & Associates, LLC.

LOOK: Beautiful Lake City Victorian Home Just Two Blocks from Lake Pepin

This 1908 home is at 911 N Oak Street in Lake City, MN. It has the historical feel I love plus features a kids' reading nook. Are you kidding me? A reading nook!

Four beds, three bathrooms, 2,490 square feet, the price just dropped $40,000 today to #399,900 (10/07). listing courtesy of Lakeshore Real Estate Krage & Associates, LLC.

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