Minnesota-based Target has made the decision to never be open on Thanksgiving Day again. The announcement came on Monday, just days before Thanksgiving. We already knew that they weren't going to be open this Thanksgiving but Target's CEO has made the decision to keep it that way.

Last year was the first year Target was closed on Thanksgiving Day. The reason for being closed last year was because of the pandemic. They announced at the beginning of this year and Target, once again, would be closed on Thanksgiving Day. The CEO Brian Cornell made the decision last week, however, to never be open on Thanksgiving Day again.

CNN says that Brian Cornell was visiting stores in New York and New Jersey last week and "workers told him they were glad they could stay home on Thanksgiving." In a note that employees got from Brian, he said, "'What started as a temporary measure driven by the pandemic is now our new standard.'"

I think this is a great decision. I was talking to some of my co-workers about this and they mentioned 'What if I need something last minute for Thanksgiving?'. That's true, it's a fair concern, but I think it's more important that so many employees now get to have guaranteed time with family and friends on a holiday.

I do wonder if any Black Friday shoppers will be mad about this decision though. It has started to become a trend that Black Friday shopping starts on Thanksgiving evening. Now that won't be the case at Target and I'm kind of hoping other retailers follow suit.

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