For the past few years, Target has offered a special discount for teachers in the summertime. That way teachers can get stocked up on supplies to get their classroom set up for the upcoming school year. Target is offering this special teacher discount again this year for the fourth year in a row, but the deal ends at the end of the month.

What Teachers Are Eligible

According to Target's website, here are who's eligible for this special teacher discount: "teachers, staff, and faculty employed by K-12 and colleges/universities" in the US, "daycare center and early childhood learning center teachers", and home school teachers.

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What is the Discount that Teachers Can Get?

Eligible teachers get a 15% discount on one purchase of select school items. So you do need to go and get everything all at once if you're hoping to completely stock your classroom with this discount.

How Teachers Can Sign Up for This Discount

Teachers do need to sign up to get this special discount. You'll need a Target Circle account (which is free) and once you have that, you'll have to verify that you're a teacher. Here's how Target explains how to do this:

Go to Settings in your account. Select the Get Verified button for teacher, student, military service member, or service member dependent. This will prompt you to enter your information.

If you're verified, you'll get a screen that tells you you're good to go! In some cases, Target wants a little more info. If that's the case they'll let you know.

Just a reminder, if you want to take advantage of this discount you need to use it by the end of this month!

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