It seems like Taylor puts out hit after hit, but she definitely had some doozies. Of her nearly 125 songs, I honestly love the majority. She has a way of keeping her songs fun and addicting. Even the ones I hate at first release, end up being songs I can't get enough of later on. Vulture put out a list of all of Taylor's song ranked from worst to first, and I gotta be real, I don't agree.

First, they put "Bad Blood" WAY down at the bottom of the list - #111. Yeah, no way! That song is definitely in my top 5. Secondly, one of her first ever anthems, "Should've Said No" is also way too far down on the list - #40. Next, my all time favorite Taylor song is sitting in the 29th slot - "I Knew You Were Trouble." Wait until you hear what took the number one spot... I'm making my way there.

Shame on you Vulture for NOT putting the song that changed Taylor's career, turning her into a pop sensation - "Shake it Off" - in the top 10.  The song is #25 on their list.

Sitting in the number one spot is one of her oldest hits - "You Belong With Me." While I agree that it's a fabulous song, is it number one of all her greatness? No! She has grown tremendously as an artist since the release of that song.

Here are the top 5 according to Vulture:

  1. "You Belong With Me"
  2. "All Too Well"
  3. "Fifteen"
  4. "Blank Space"
  5. "Mine"

Do you agree?

Taylor is playing back-to-back nights at US Bank Stadium this summer and we want to send you to the show! Get in to win right now. 

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