It seems like every week I hear new stories about crazy crime in Rochester. We can never be too prepared to handle our own ladies. I found this awesome video of moves you can learn, without having to go to a class. Check it out. 

While I'm 100% for going to classes to learn self defense, it's nice to see videos online with some great tips. You can practice on your hubby or co-workers (LOL). Maybe just skip the knee to the groin move, we all know that works. My favorite, and one that I've never seen before, was how to escape a choke. Check it out:


  • Samm Puts CIA Trick to Escape Duct Tape to the Test

    A “life saving” tip is making the rounds on Facebook. A CIA agent has a video that will teach you how to escape duct tape bounds. I wanted to see if it was legit, so I put it to the test. Find out if it works here.

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