I have a quest - to find the absolute best dessert in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester has a vast variety of selections to choose from after much discussions with friends. I started at Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria. Would you think that a pizza place could have the best dessert in town? It may likely be a unique match up and you're in for a delicious surprise. Pasquale's has it's own Pastry Chef dynamic duo, Drew Casteel and Thomas Gallegos.

Hailing from California, Casteel may greet you at the pastry counter when you walk up to to admire the picture perfection of each dessert. His genuine smile is welcoming and he's not shy when discussing his culinary creations. Casteel is no stranger to baking, he has been sharpening his skills since he was four years old. He loves to make people smile and says "Food is art to me. Baking is so complex" He feels that the pairing of the [ingredients] focusing on simplicity with the right combination of flavors adds to the "wow" factor that often appears when patrons try the desserts.

Okay, you ready for the taste testing? Enough talking, lets get eating. We caught it live on video. Check it out below.

As if I needed any more reasons to be a fan of Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria? They do nice things for people in the community. Check out what they did for the Bamber Valley Kindergarten class:

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