As a great man once wrote: It was the best of times it was the worst of times. I’ve already shared my list of the best films of 2024 so far, so you know what that means. It’s time for the worst of times.

Oh goodie.

Watching bad movies comes with this job — and truth be told, I see way more good movies than bad ones. And I have always said I’d still rather be seeing a bad movie than doing almost anything else. It beats working for a living.

For some of the ten films that follow, though, I actually might be willing to consider doing something else. A couple of these movies are very bad. I’d even rank the #1 worst film of 2024 so far among the absolute worst films I have ever seen in my time as a professional critic, and that’s now a period that stretches back almost 20 years now. (Dear lord, I am old.)

I hope when December comes around, this list remains totally unchanged; that there’s nothing but great cinema ahead for all of us. But I think we both know that is deeply unlikely. We’ve got half a year ahead of us, an surely at least a couple stinkers among the festival favorites and awards contenders. As a great man (and the News) once said: Cool is the rule, but sometimes bad is bad.

(Look, I told you I’m old. What else do you expect? Sexyy Red lyrics?)

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