Need some cash? A move might be an option for you.

Normally moving is expensive. It's also time-consuming, logistically tiring, and just a lot of work. It's even pricier if the place that you're moving to is more expensive to live in than where you're already at. But that doesn't have to be the case if you want to move around in Iowa.

Many cities seek to improve their economy and revitalize their atmosphere by having young people move in and either work for or open up businesses. So much so that they are offering incentives to get new residents.

Iowa Cities Paying People To Move There

According to MakeMyMove, currently 2 Iowa communities are offering incentives for folks to move to the areas. And these incentives tally up to thousands of dollars worth. Here are the Iowa towns looking for residents:

Shelby County

Travel Iowa
Travel Iowa

Shelby County has about 11,746 people, according to the 2020 Census. It is home to several state parks and the Museum of Danish America. New residents in Shelby County can get $2,240 in incentives.

  • Harlan Country Club or Shelby County Golf Course (1 Year Membership)
  • Wellness Center (1 Year Family Membership)
  • Chamber of Commerce (1 Year Membership)
  • Lions Club Membership
  • $500 credit on closing costs for purchase of a primary home


Soaring Over Iowa Facebook
Soaring Over Iowa Facebook

Bloomfield is in Davis County, which is home to the most Amish families in the state of Iowa. You can bet that because of that, there are many Amish-made foods and goods. Bloomfield offers a $10,000 rebate on tax credit if you move there.

Cities' incentive programs are really worth looking into if you're thinking you want to move. Chambers of Commerce are getting creative with offers and you have room to compare.

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