Fatherhood, hands down, is the best thing to ever happen to me.

Having said that, and stop me if you've ever heard this before; but children, it turns out, don't come with instruction manuals. Who knew, right?

While our parents, friends and sometimes co-workers may be able to prepare you for SOME experiences, whether by sharing their own stories or whatever, there are some things you just need to discover for yourself.

Such as:

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    Your House Will Never Be the Same

    In fact, I imagine it's the equivalent to living at your kids daycare; as in our house is never clean for more than a few minutes at a time. Laundry is rarely done when you need it most. Toys are everywhere. So if you're a neat freak and prefer a neat and tidy home... get over it now before it's too late.

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    Prepare to Be Late to Everything

    I used to be of the mindset, "If you're not 15 minutes early, then you're late". Now I'm usually semi-late to everything (sigh).

    Your mornings usually go like this: Wake up way earlier than you want to. You get yourself ready, then your spouse and then... THEM. Of course they'll fight it and there's usually a diaper change or wardrobe mishap with food just as you're walking out the door. But in any situation it's never easy to just leave the house on time, especially when it's a time sensitive issue.

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    Nobody Cares About YOU Anymore

    We get a lot of house guests. NONE of them are here for me or Danielle anymore. Our parents immediately shuffle right by us in order to find Charlee somewhere in the house. I'm lucky to even get a simple Hello anymore.

    Plus any time someone calls me, it's usually to ask about her. It's like I'm a secretary to my toddler. Get used to feeling invisible and unimportant to anyone but your spouse.

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    Bath Poops

    You've heard and laughed about stories about it with your friends that have kids... but until you have your own, you never fully understand the magnitude of it.

    I'd say I've scooped more poops out of the bathtub than I can even count. Why is this not discussed more? Like... half the time you bathe your kids, prepare to scoop out little droplings (or worse).


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    How Much You Actually Love Them!

    OK! I'll stop complaining, because even after all that stuff above, you know you'd do it all again, every day, in a heartbeat.

    You've maybe heard people mention how you never know what love is until your have a child of your own. You hear this sentence but you don't even understand it until it happens to you.

    Every time I look at or even just think of my kid I'm immediately filled with such joy and happiness that can't be described. It's a feeling of knowing you'll do ANYTHING for the benefit of your little mini-me. It's true love in its most purest form.

    I'm so glad my little Charlee girl chose me to be her dad, and I'll do anything I can to continue to love her like she's loved me during her short 15 months on Earth.

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