This is getting out of control.

With Easter come and gone, and my kids "bunny basket" (as she likes to call it) full to the brim with Easter treats, I'm happy to say I avoided another season without having to deal with the most disgusting and vile candy that's ever been invented, Peeps. Last week I mentioned how they're the worst candy ever and could die a horrible microwave-induced death. But for some reason, some people out there enjoy these monstrosities and think they deserve to be combined with one of the greatest things known to man - Beer.

The Collective Brewing Project in Dallas, Texas might very well be an awesome place to grab a pint, but for some reason this past weekend they brewed a beer, called Peep. This "Collab", is described as a sour ale brewed with more than 30 boxes of Peeps, some vanilla, and butterfly-pea flower.

If that weren’t enough, the brewers also added edible glitter once the beer was fermented “to really make it shine.” The taste is supposedly “marshmallow-y” and “lightly tart".

Nah, I'll pass. No word on how well it sold, but I can't imagine people lining up around the block for this stuff.

You can check out some of the photos on Instagram of their latest, umm, concoction HERE.

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