A smart phone that wards off mosquitoes? I'm listening...

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Having been born and raised in this great state, you can bet I've tried everything when it comes to getting rid of the "state bird".

Sprays, candles, heck, even certain clothing can't keep those little bastards away some days!

Well fear not, because while you're streaming your favorite music through your smart phone at your next bonfire, you can also keep the skeeters away at the same time!

Behold: LG's K7i smartphone features a revolutionary piece of technology that keeps mosquitoes away!

Behind a mesh cover sits an ultrasonic wave emitter, which sounds like something straight out of an episode of Star Trek. But hey, LG says it's "absolutely safe and harmless for humans", so there's that.

Look - If this $122 smart phone truly works, then I believe most, if not all Minnesotans will become a two-phone carrying state - if only for May through September!

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