Lately, I have noticed that my four-year-old daughter has stopped sucking her two fingers. A few nights ago I asked her why she was not sucking her fingers in order to fall asleep. She said, "Mommy, I a big girl now and don't need to suck my fingers."

Surprised, I wondered if someone had told her to stop doing it. I gently reassured her that if she felt she needed to suck her fingers for comfort she could. She responded back with the fierceness only a toddler can exhibit and said that she's a big girl and doesn't need to suck on her fingers!

Sucking fingers, or thumbs, can be a challenge for parents especially when orthodontics intervention is needed.

A mega-star recently shared she sucked her thumb until she was eleven years old! Emma Stone said that she needed major dental work to fix the thumb sucking she did for years. She also admitted she still sucks her thumb occasionally!

While I personally am okay with my kid sucking her thumb for as long she wants - since I know it's for comfort and security - I understand other parents want to intervene much sooner. Mayo Clinic gives some great advice on how you can help curb thumb sucking:

1. Talk to your child
2. Identify the triggers
3. Offer gentle reminders
4. Get a dentist to talk to the child
5. Relax , they'll eventually stop (unless it's Emma Stone)

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