Not even "The Most Magical Place on Earth" is immune from scary weather conditions.

Guests at Walt Disney World's EPCOT were shocked Thursday (Sept. 15) when they saw what appeared to be a tornado nearly touch down at the theme park.

"Tornado forming over Disney World's Epcot today," one guest shared on Twitter alongside a photo of the tropospheric phenomenon.

"A funnel cloud near EPCOT earlier tonight," another guest captioned footage of the cloud, which they shared on social media.

Meanwhile, some Disney fans joked about the supposed tornado.

"The tornado thought the line was too long, so it skipped Disney," one Twitter user quipped, while another joked it "didn't enter the park because it couldn't afford the price of admission."

According to News 6 WKMG meteorologist Jonathan Kegges, however, it was not a tornado but rather a "brief funnel cloud" — also called a scud cloud — that hovered over the theme park.

According to Fox35, scud clouds are "fragments that seem to hang much lower in the sky than the rest of the clouds." Additionally, they can form "points that make them look like tornadoes."

These kind of clouds usually form when cool, wet air meets warm air ahead of a thunderstorm.

This isn't the only unusual weather event that's taken place at Disney World this year.

Back in March, storms blew through the Orlando area and flooded some of the theme parks, including Hollywood Studios.

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