That reporter was SO READY to use that "cheesy" pun of hers...

Wait for it...

This is some serious grilled cheese (you're right, mine isn't much better).

According to an article by WTMJ, some 20,000 pounds of Kraft and Velveeta went up in flames last week in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin after an 18-wheeler's brakes caught fire setting the entire load ablaze.

The driver sensed immediately something was wrong and headed into a parking lot to try and put the fire out with the use of foam to fight it.

Fire officials say the combination of cheese and diesel fuel resulted in a raging fire.

Last year a truck dumped hundreds of cases of MGD on a Denver-area freeway. Then there was this instant party last March when a truck hauling potato chips crashed into a beer truck! Plus, that one time when a big-rig hauling a load of Popeye's biscuits rolled over on a Mississippi freeway.

Personally, I can't wait for the next great food mishap!

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