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Food trucks are so fun. It gives you a very unique dining experience, but especially when the food being served out of the food truck is not something you'd expect. Like food from a crockpot! A Minnesota-based food truck called Crock & Roll features menu items made in a crockpot.

I have never heard of a crockpot food truck until now but I think it's an awesome idea. It's comfort food that people would love to get from a food truck and it seems to me that service would be flying because all of the food would probably be done before the food truck even opens. The one downside (for customers, this isn't a problem for the owners of the food truck) is if they sell out, you're out of luck, because they can't quickly whip up another batch.

Crock & Roll via Facebook

What's On the Menu

Overall though, I love this idea. The food that comes out of a crockpot is always delicious so there's no way someone will leave disappointed. Also, the theme the owners of this food truck went with is really fun. You probably noticed that the name, Crock & Roll is a nod to Rock & Roll music. So as you can imagine, many of their menu items are named after rock & roll musicians or songs. For example, there's the Stairway to Heaven, Ozzy, and Goo Goo Mac. You can see their whole menu HERE.

Crock & Roll via Facebook

Are There Vegetarian and Vegan Options?

The "main" menu features mostly meat products, but if you're looking for something vegetarian or vegan, they've got your back. They have what they call (sticking with their rock theme) their "Alternative Rock" menu with all vegetarian and vegan options.

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So Where Are They Located?

Unfortunately for us in southeast Minnesota, the crockpot food truck is in central Minnesota. Their Facebook page says they're based out of Brainerd. So it's quite the hike but maybe if enough of us bother them, they'll make the trip down to our neck of the woods one day! They do offer catering too. I'm not sure how far they'll travel but it'd be pretty cool to have a crockpot food truck at your next party.

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