The time-honored tradition of going to the Minnesota State Fair. The rides, the people watching, the shows, and of course the food. People line up and wait patiently for their favorites and new crazy concoctions on a stick, but one thing that always confused me was why they wait for a bucket of chocolate chip cookies.

Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar is one of the most successful food operations at the fair year after year. So much so that they have recently added a third location to sell their cookies.

Don't get me wrong, I respect the hustle. The Sweet Martha's operation raked in $3.2 million over the course of 12 days last year. That's putting in work. Plus it's all headed by a true lady boss, which is so cool.

But here's the thing- the cookies aren't anything special. They're just slightly under-baked chocolate chip cookies.

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You're paying $16+ a bucket for something that costs pennies on the dollar to throw together in your own kitchen. Plus they overflow the bucket so you can't even put the lid on right away. By the time you get to that point in eating them, you're so sick of the flavor you don't want any more.

"But Abbey, there is a lid, you can put it on and take them home with you."

If you wanted chocolate chip cookies at home, why did you drive to the cities, pay to park, and pay admission to the fair to get them? You know you can get them in the freezer section at Coborn's and Target right?

Once again, I respect Sweet Martha's game plan. The woman is an absolute mogul.  What they are doing is obviously working. But when I'm at the fair dropping over $10 on food, I want it to be something I've never had before. Not something I can make on my own.

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