La Crosse, WI (KROC-AM News) - Police in La Crosse are tapping into the power of social media in hopes of identifying the suspect in an unprovoked assault.

A posting on Facebook includes a video from a security camera placed outside an entrance to Rudy's Drive-In near the University of La Crosse campus. A police statement says an employee of the business was unlocking the door just before 4 AM to prepare for opening the restaurant when he was approached by a man, who without apparent provocation, struck the victim in the face. The man was knocked to the ground and reports indicate he lost some of his teeth.

The suspect was described as college-age, white,  wearing a grey or light blue polo shirt with a stripe across the front, khaki shorts, and white Nike tennis shoes.

Investigators are hoping the distribution of the video will result in someone recognizing the suspect and contacting La Crosse police.



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