What do you think it was?

During what seems as a routine stop, an officer goes from calm and collected to fearing for his life in the blink of an eye.

According to the KFGO News Center in Fargo, the sound of a gunshot can be heard on a Glyndon, Minnesota, police officer's dash cam video when a bullet flew by the officer during a traffic stop in June.

Officer Brandon Boe was citing a driver along U.S. Highway 10 when the gunshot came from an area northeast of his location. KFGO News obtained the video through an open records request.

The sound in question happens right away, near the :08 second mark in the video. The officer later explains what exactly he heard near the 5:10 mark:

Investigators used a thermal-imaging device and spent several hours looking for clues, but nothing was found.

While the audio isn't quite clear, considering the time of year it is the "gunshot" could have been even been a firework going off in the distance like the officer said in the video. Or it could have been a vehicle backfiring from over accelerating.

In any case, you're thankful no one was hurt and the passenger who was pulled over didn't react any differently once the weapon was drawn by Boe, or this could have been a much scarier scene than what actually happened.

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