I have friends that have done tarot readings and absolutely loved it. I have never had one personally so when I saw Jessica Ripley at the Pop Up Market on Sunday, I had to have her do one for me and share it with all of you! I didn't know what it would consist of.


Here's how Jessica got into Tarot reading:

I received my first tarot and oracle decks when I was around nine years old and I've been reading cards ever since. I read tarot and oracle cards professionally online through email and Facebook messenger with a focus on personal growth, insight, and empowerment for all areas of life (career and planning, finances, love and romance, friendships, decision-making, etc.) I also read at parties, events, and for charity events. My favored tarot deck is the Joie De Vivre Tarot and my favored oracle deck is the Faeries' Oracle. I am a member of the American Tarot Association. I love traveling, books, gardening, cats, and tea.

Jessica met up with me at the KROC studio. Without further ado, here's my reading:

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