If you're an avid fisher, prepare to be incredibly jealous. Two anglers from the Twin Cities recently hauled in a lake sturgeon along the St. Croix River - and it's a whopper. Luckily, they were able to capture the moment on video:

Look at that! That thing is HUGE. It looks like a freaking shark! It was measured at 78 inches, which according to the Minnesota DNR is the longest fish ever caught in the state. The record-breaking sturgeon is also estimated to be over 100 years old. Just imagine how it would feel to reel that sucker in. My arms would be spent.

Oddly enough, the DNR thinks that this same fish may have been caught back in 2013; they received an application for a 77-inch sturgeon, but weren't able to confirm it.

Good luck to anyone going ice fishing this weekend - you never know what's lurking below these Minnesota waters!

Source: KARE

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