Of course I have an obsession with Target, what Minnesota woman doesn't?! The only problem is that U of M Economics Professor Timothy Kehoe is predicting we could see huge price hikes at Target. NOOOOOOO!!

This horrible idea that Target may be increasing their prices was discussed during an episode of the "Dialogue Minnesota" podcast, hosted by Jim du Bois. The specific episode we're talking about is part two of du Bois' interview with Professor Kehoe.

In this episode, Bring Me the News reports that du Bois and Kehoe talk about "the ongoing trade wars and the impacts of tariffs on Minnesota farmers and retailers." Kehoe says prices could go up at retailers like Target and Best Buy because the trade wars will force them to find new suppliers or increase their prices.

I'm going to be honest, I hope this guy is totally wrong. That would be so sad to see prices go up at Target. If they go up too much I may have to shop somewhere else! That would be the worst day ever!

You can check out the podcast episode where this is discussed HERE! The episode is called "Tariffs, Trade Wars, and the US Economy Part 2."


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